Generosity is an important spiritual practice for God’s people. There are many ways to give and support the ministries of the church. One of the ways in which people share their generosity is through their finances.  


In this technological age, we have discovered that there are many people who indicate that the only time they use written checks are the ones they make out for the church.   But, did you know that you can enjoy the convenience of your own bank's online "Bill Pay" to regularly give to the church?

Even though your donation to Smith Memorial Presbyterian isn’t technically a “bill,” you can still set it up to have your bank send one-time or recurring gifts to the church. Plus, unlike using other online or credit card processing services, "Bill Pay" is free with most of the banks in our area.  100% of your entire donation goes to the church. 

Here are some guidelines to help you get this set up with your bank: 

● Follow the directions on your own bank’s website to set up a new bill or payee.

● If given a choice, choose to pay a company rather than a person.

● In the space for "company name," enter:

   Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church

● In the space for "company address," enter: 

        PO Box 69

        Fairview, OR 97024

● In the space for “company phone number,” enter: (503) 667-6800.

● An account number is not required

● After you have set up Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church as a biller, it is added to your list of bills or payees and you can select it at any time and enter a payment amount and a payment date. 

● You will also have the option of setting up automatic or recurring payments.

Your bank will then mail a check to church.  And, your offering will be counted and recorded as normal.