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The Members of Session

Class of 2024:  Chase Ferris, Vernon Poe   

Class of 2025:  Janet Emch, Berni Mueller, Rob Pomazi

Class of 2026:  Steve Marker

Moderator:  Rev. Brad Busiek

Clerk of Session:  Jennie Spencer

Assistant Clerk: Janet Emch 

The Board of Deacons

Class of 2024:  Connie Erickson, Lyn Palmer, Cheryl Rush

Class of 2025:  Jacque McAlevy

Class of 2026:  Marty Strange, Felista Marker, Julie Mitchell

Moderator:  Lyn Palmer

Treasurer:  Becky Bush

Ministry Team Leaders

Budget and Finance: Rob Pomazi

Building & Grounds: Geoff Kenway

Fellowship:  Janet Emch
Personnel:  Marcia Chiaudano, Janet Emch, Geoff Kenway, Berni Mueller, Janet Pomazi
Worship:  Berni Mueller

Nominating:  Chase Ferris (chair), Barbara Grider, Sonja Flener


Trustees: (The entire session acts as the Board of Trustees with a designated officer from each class of elders)

Chase Ferris (chair), Rob Pomazi (secretary), Vernon Poe (treasurer)

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